Spend a little now save thousands later 

If neglected your Roof can turn into a very expensive repair where a little bit of regular maintenance your Roof will not only look great but give you many years of hassle free protection.

We use ropes and harnesses which means on most single story homes there is no need for Scaffolding saving you thousands.

Our Roof Painting preparation begins with a thorough check of the roofs fixings, flashings and joints.

Firstly if required we apply a Moss killing treatment which we allow to do its work for a couple of weeks.

A high pressure Water Blast then removes any flaking paint and other contaminants.

Any nails or other fixings are replaced and any areas of Rust treated with a Rust killing Primer. If required we are also able to replace any areas that are required.

Two coats of Solagard Roof Paint is applied. * Solagard has a ten year warranty.

A full report on the condition of the roof is given on completion.