What preparation do you typically do?

We start by putting down floor protection and covering all furniture and benches etc to ensure no over paint or paint splotches.

Light and power outlets are either masked or unscrewed so we get sharp lines around these with out getting paint on them.

Where possible down lights are dropped down so we get even coats of paint applied without getting paint on these fixtures.

When painting doors the door hardware is removed to get a top quality uniform finish.

All surfaces to be painted are checked for defects whether it is a new home or renovation and these are repaired.

Walls and ceilings are sanded between each coat.

All repairs are sealed.

Two coats of top quality paint is applied.

Can you work in with our other Tradesmen?

Yes we work in well with others on site and organize the painting program around other trades. If you don't have a needed Tradesmen we can organise all other trades for you as well.

What Paint Suppliers do you deal with?

We have a good working relationship with all the major Paint Companies including Wattyl, Resene, Dulux and Paint & Decor.

Are you able to make minor repairs to our wood work or roofing?

Absolutely, we can repair rotten woodwork, treat or replace rusty Iron and repair plaster and stipple.

What if I cant decide what colours I want to use?

We can provide a Colour Consultant to help you.

Do you stand behind your work?

As we use the best products and the best trade practices it is very rare for us to have any issues but if we ever do we are straight around to put it right.

Will I need to move out while the work is being done?

In most cases we can plan around your needs so there is as little impact on you as possible. There are however times (like Asbestos being removed) that moving out is required.